As a child i was always into drawing and making artwork, it was something I always had an affinity for growing up. My artwork always had a level of precision witch in my opinion lends itself well to architecture or at least he type of architecture design I am interested in pursuing. Architecture to me is in many ways one of the ultimate art forms and successful Architects can actually make good money.

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For many years I bounced around trying to figure out what profession I felt was worth pursuing that would keep my interest and evolve over time. Architectural design has just the balance of creativity, attention to detail, complexity and stimulation that would keep my interest throughout the years to come.

I am also a big DIY guy and I have been doing woodwork for many years. Architecture just feels like the next logical step in my professional development. In class our guest speaker Michael Heacock spoke to us about Architecture being a “Rich mental experience” and full of stimulation. This is exactly what i want from a profession because I can get bored easily and enjoy ever changing challenges to i work through.  From my Architectural exposure, discussions, and lecture it feels like have found my future profession but the question of my niche remains in a field as broad as this one.