Although this version of the Dubai Performing Arts Center was never built it has many interesting design elements to its rendered model. The model designed by Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher has a organic feel with veins and plantlike structural elements throughout. This structure was to contains 5 performance halls, the main Concert Hall atop the four smaller theaters.

As seen in the external  photographs the observer gets very different views  from different angles in photograph one the internal and external evening lighting favors a self luminous jellyfish like see creature while the second photograph almost seems inspired by a leaf with a stem like structural elements incorporated.



Performing Arts Centre, Courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects

This Internal view of the main performance hall is quite striking in layout and features a massive, albeit elaborate glass ceiling. One could imagine the complex lighting environment shadows thrown during the day performances. The panoramic visibility of the surroundings will be phenomenal if this project is ever completed.

Since many buildings rely heavily on squares and 90 degree angles in their designs this structure stands apart with very few if any square aspects so it blends well or at least has a natural, biological and alive feel.


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