This Church was designed by Richard Meier and Partners its construction was completed in 2003.  The first impression is somewhat futuristic. Three large shell like walls dominate the left side of the structure and pull attention leftward. The outermost shell like wall only has a slim horizontal opening at the bottom that allows natural light to enter and throw light across polished floors.  The shells are made by prefab concrete panels, double curved, (dimensions 400 x 400 x 80 cm). Italcementi developed a type of white self-cleaning cement, called Bianco TX Millennium. It makes great sense to make this huge walls out of a material like this for the sake of maintaining the clean pure look of this white structure. Holy Trinity anyone. The concrete shells are graduated heights from 56 to 88 feet high.


Daylight easily illuminates the entire interior of the building through the full span glass ceiling, front and rear glass walls. The orientation of the church is such that the light from sunrises and sunsets reflect off of the white concrete walls giving a serene lighting effect too the interior. In the evening light emanates from within giving the structure a glow as if the structure has been absorbing light all day and is now gently radiating light outward. Central Decor high above the altar give a light at the end of the tunnel effect as a backdrop the the cross.


The main nave seating area accommodates 240, and a day chapel seats 24. The travertine tile floors are light in color but still give a sense of grounding with their earth tones. The interior as well as exterior is comprised of offset squares and rectangles melded well with partial spheres that make up the left curved walls. Five church bells graduate in size from medium to large atop the right side of the church. Overall the structure has a good balance of curved elements meeting right angled elements with  the glass ceiling breaking up the and giving good tie in for the two.

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