Our Class took a field trip to Gensler’s San Francisco office on April 11 2014. It was very inspiring to see a major architectural firm from  the inside. This was actually my first time inside an architectural firm. This office seemed to be a relaxed but professional environment with an eclectic feel and many different kinds of spaces to have meetings or just have some time to work or reflect by yourself. We did a walk through and got to see many different samples of possible flooring, wall or ceiling materials. The sheer volume of interior materials was inspiring and to sparked creative inspiration within me as I pondered the different possibilities. I  imagined how i could use some of these materials to Enhance or Create an entire new space. Although I don’t believe I will be going into interior design exclusively, I feel strongly compelled to become well versed in  this field of expertise. Based on the resources available within this firm it definitely seems like it would be a powerful place to gain experience and make contacts for the future of anyone who has aspirations of going into the field of architecture or interior design.

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