What is Architecture?

Architecture is the process of a person or group of people taking ideas abstract or otherwise and working them into a real or tangible form weather is is through creating solid structures, landscaping or use of lighting to achieve reality of the initial idea/s. Architecture is art in one of its grandest forms wherein the artist/architect must simultaneously be cognizant of materials, safety, aesthetics, engineering and social aspects of the project to be completed. Architects must also be aware of the intricate relationships that people will have with a given project upon completion i.e. they must be able to on some level put themselves into the project before it has even begun construction.

Below is an example of a 3d rendering of a building called the Star Vista, it was designed by Aedas architects. This monolithic structure is a Megachurch meets Megamall in Buona Vista, Singapore.

Star Vista

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Proposed Trans Bay Terminal Complex


I spent an hour and a half trying to do my blog and got NADA. I am going to try again now, grrrrrrrr. Writing about a topic i have little academic back round in has proven a challenge for me partially because I like to sound intelligent when I am writing about something. I feel like I just don’t know what to say so I’m going to write whatever comes to mind. This blog entry will be about my likes and dislikes with regard to the new Trans Bay Terminal being built in San Francisco with an awareness that my perspective will evolve over the course of the semester.

park-level-1_4-2011??????????????????????????????? ttc_41 ttc-level-lower-concourse  

The new Trans Bay Terminal complex is a 1.9+ billion dollar undertaking that broke ground in Downtown San Francisco in 2010. My favorite portion of the project is the city park at just over a quarter mile long it is easy to see how costs could soar for a project of this immense magnitude. The park looks like something out a science fiction movie with creative use  of trellis work to conceal the geometric forms beneath. The artistic use of glass to create a vortex like appearance in the support structure also caught my eye and adds to the futuristic feel.   Since there is quite size able amount of trees and plants incorporated into the design of this park one cant help but wonder if the designers plan to incorporate them in a functional as well as aesthetic fashion. 



THE TOWER… Well where should i start with regard to the tower? I wouldn’t say that it is straight out ugly, but i will say that from the sky view it resembles….. Moving on, the planners and designers have made small changes to the tower but it still stands way out from the surrounding buildings in both shape and stature. I feel like compared to many other sky scrapers this building has very little character. Flare is lacking in the tower itself, not much about it makes it memorable other than its sheer size and scale.


      For those parties interested i have attached a construction schedule.

Timeframe Activity
August 2010: AC Transit, Golden Gate Transit, Greyhound, Muni, SamTrans, and WestCAT Lynx begin operations at the Temporary Terminal.Utility relocation begins around Transit Center site.Geotechnical work begins in Minna and Natoma alley.Demolition of Transbay Terminal begins.
Fall 2010: Demolition of East Loop (phase II of Temporary Terminal) begins.
December 2010: Phase II of Temporary Terminal construction is completed.
Early 2011: Utility relocations in areas surrounding the Transit Center begin.Demolition of the Transbay Terminal and bus ramps continues.
Spring 2011: Pre-trenching and pile extraction for below grade shoring and foundation construction begins.
Summer 2011: Completion of demolition activities.Shoring wall and foundation construction begins.
Early 2012: Excavation and bracing for Transit Center below grade structure begins.
Early 2013: Construction of Transit Center below grade structure began.
Early 2014: Completion of utility relocation activities.Construction of Transit Center bus ramps begins.
Summer 2014: Construction of Transit Center above ground superstructure begins.
2015: Construction of Bus Storage Facility begins.
Fall 2017: Construction of Transbay Transit Center is completed.